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Spanish Hols

Here are my snaps from my stay with my Catalan friends in September. I'm supposed to look gimpy in the first one - I took my socks off straight after. That's the apartment in Sant Hipòlit de Voltregà. The next few pics are in and around Roda de Ter, where Toni's family live on the farm. (That's his next door neighbour with the cows). I included 2 out of probably 10 pictures I took of the "bridge on a bridge". I love it! The lake is actually the Sau reservoir. The reservoir covers an old village, the ruins of which you can (or even walk through?) when the water is low. The day we were there you could just see the top of the spire of the church sticking out of the water. It didn't come out too well in the photos, but you can make out a white blur in the distance.

The Barcelona pics start with the stall selling all kinds of birds. You can imagine the noise, especially since there were lots more stalls like this on La Rambla. A few more of the usual tourist shots up to me in front of Sagrada Familia. If only I'd had some bubbles and a piece of rope, I could have recreated the Spanish levels from Pang! Ah well, next time perhaps.

Finally some people! These are at Frank's birthday barbecue at his gansta mansion in Premià de Dalt. I don't know everyone in the pics, but I can give you a few in random order...

I look somewhat surprised posing with Toni & Gemma. Marc is the guy who came prepared for the heat. Frank poses with Toni & Gemma. Mireia is slightly embarrassed by Juanjo's gesticulations. I don't know what he was demonstrating, but his friend looks very pleased.

The rest of the pics are from The Forum, the big expo in Barcelona.

I didn't take any pictures in Malaga because a) I didn't want to carry my camera when we were out at night, and b) it seemed a bit pervy what with all the topless ladies on the beach.

Why is this text so big? Because I decided on the layout before I realised how much I'd have to produce to fill the space! Depending on the size of your browser, it may or may not be aligned with the images it's talking about.

Note for web nerds: the big/small roll-over format for the images on this page is one I've been using for ages. I think I wrote it myself, or I might have stolen the pre-load from somewhere. Anyway, for anyone who wants it, I have a Tcl script that creates the HTML and the images (requires ImageMagick). It's not very modem friendly, but works a treat with faster connections. You might notice that I'm moving towards nice, accessible XHTML & CSS. I'm still using tables for layout here because I don't have time to rewrite the script just yet.